Mary C.

Thank You Cindy for providing excellent service for my family in such a stressful and uncertain time in our lives. You were able to switch Rick’s Dr and get us the consistent communication we needed concerning his plan of care and status during his COVID sickness in the hospital. Your prompt responses and professionalism were amazing. We are forever grateful that you got Rick out of the hospital when the doctors said he would not make it. What a great job you do! We love you and will be using you in the future if we hit any rough patches.

Joan F.

Cindy was able to help me, and my husband navigate the healthcare system for my mom. We live out of the area and needed to have a trusted partner that could attend medical appointments, organize medical records and assist with care coordination. Cindy provided excellent service and responded quickly to all our questions and concerns. We felt a sense of relief that mom was getting the care she needed and deserved.

Ryan N.

I was diagnosed with a rare disease and was having difficulty finding doctors in my area. Cindy was able to locate specialists and obtain appointments for me very quickly. She assisted with getting the doctors to collaborate and coordinate my care and treatments. Cindy was very responsive and caring. I would recommend her services to anyone needing a patient advocate.

Debra K.

I was in the hospital and needed to be referred to an inpatient rehab. The hospital initially wanted me to be discharged to home. Cindy worked with my case manager, doctor and insurance company. I was discharged to a wonderful rehab center where I was able to get great physical therapy and was much stronger when I was finally discharged home.

Barry T.

My mother had a stroke, and I was told that she was going to be discharged the next morning to the inpatient rehab center that we agreed on. That night the hospital discharged my mom without calling me and it was not to the inpatient rehab we were told she would go. We hired Cindy and she immediately began working on having mom transferred to another acute rehab center. Despite COVID-19 and roadblocks being thrown at us at every turn, Cindy was able to get her into a high-quality acute rehab, and then into assisted living. Mom is doing great, making progress every day. Cindy was caring and worked quickly. I only wished we had hired her sooner!


My husband had fallen while hiking and was transported via helicopter to the nearest trauma hospital. We were having difficulty getting answers from the doctors and staff. Due to COVID-19 we were unable to be at bedside with him. After a few weeks of feeling very frustrated about the care and treatments he was receiving, we decided to hire Cindy Johnson. She was able to coordinate care meetings with the case managers, nursing staff and doctors so our questions and concerns could be addressed. She followed up with the doctors and staff and kept us informed every step of the way. Cindy assisted us in finding an appropriate sub-acute facility for my husband to continue his rehab. We are still working with Cindy and will continue until my husband can come home. She is very professional, caring and responsive!

Trish W.

I hired Cindy to assist with coordinating my many doctor appointments and helping me organize my medical records. I now feel more prepared to go to the doctor and get the results I want.

Allen P.

I hired the Patient Advocate Agency to assist with finding appropriate mental health support for my son. Cindy was able to locate a psychiatrist and psychologist that met my sons needs and was in network for his insurance. Cindy helped us to develop a psychiatric advance directive which provides peace of mind for the entire family.

Todd F.

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, we decided we needed help finding the best comprehensive cancer center. Cindy provided all the research and we decided on City of Hope. Cindy was able to get us appointments very quickly. My wife is now in remission, and we could not be happier with the all the coordination and collaboration that Cindy provided.

L. Ventura

Where to begin. Cindy was the most amazing advocate to be by my side during one of the most hellacious events in my life. I’ll start at the beginning. In 2017, I broke my jaw, my face and a couple teeth in a horrible accident. One of my surgeries, Aetna required my surgeon to provide a letter of medical necessity. Sadly, he never provided this letter to the insurance, so the hospital put me into collections upwards of $30K for the unpaid bill. No matter how hard I tried, I could get nowhere with the ‘powers that be’ – in fact I was gaslighted for years and no matter how hard I tried, the billing department would claim the surgeon DID indeed write the letter and it had still been denied. The surgery was deemed medically necessary by my surgeon who told me I had to have it in order to speak or eat properly ever again. When I asked for copies of the supposed letter to send to Aetna, who claimed they never got one, I was consistently blown off. Enter Cindy, my patient advocate. She listened, emphatically to my tell of terror, and started the process of working her magic. She ascertained all my records, from hospitals, insurance, and my surgeon, and poured over them and saw the truth as I did: my surgeon never did what was required to pay the bill. With a few months of hard work, consistent badgering, and a lot of collaboration, we managed to successfully have the bill sent back to the hospital. And the surgeon finally provided the letter and admitted he never did it. And get this, they all apologized to me and paid it. A bill that tarnished my credit for years and caused me endless misery: gone! Thank you so much Cindy – I am SO grateful for her advocacy. She kept me sane throughout the engagement, was a good friend to me, and without her knowledge, diligence, and expertise, I never would have found success. I am so grateful to her, beyond words, which is why I highly recommend her to anyone facing this type of issue. She’s the best soldier to have by your side to fight these awful insurance situations, she was a godsend to me.

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