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Cindy Johnson is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate, Certified Senior Advisor®, CEO and founder of the Patient Advocate Agency LLC. Cindy has been working in the health care field for over 20 years. Her career started as a nurse working in oncology at Princeton Medical Center. As a nurse and medical education specialist, Cindy thought that the health care system worked well for patients. However, once her daughter became seriously ill and medically complicated, she realized how difficult and confusing the health care system can be and why it is important to have someone advocate for you.

Cindy quickly realized that the healthcare system was extremely difficult to navigate. There are many different specialists, providers, treatments and tests. To make things even more difficult many of these entities do not have an effective way to communicate with each other and with their patients and their families. Patient advocates serve as a liaison between providers and
patients in order to create effective communication which can lead to optimal and favorable outcomes.

Cindy Johnson gets resources mobilized and alleviates the burden of navigating through the maze of our healthcare system. The objective is to empower the patient and family through professional advice, clarification of services, treatments, and healthcare benefits. Cindy creates a relationship with her clients that is based on mutual trust, respect, clear communication, and understanding.

This is why Cindy founded the Patient Advocate Agency. Today Cindy is passionate about using her knowledge and experience to help patients navigate the very complicated and costly health care system by providing support and advice for her clients. Cindy’s experience and unique perspective provides her clients with the guidance and support they need to get the results they deserve.

As a Board-Certified Patient Advocate, and a Certified Senior Advisor, I conduct my business based on the professional standards of the Patient Advocate Certification Board and the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. I am a member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, Greater National Advocates, and the National Association of Health Advocate Consultants.

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