Patient Advocacy services help human resource department

10 Ways Patient Advocacy Services Help Human Resource Departments

Healthcare is becoming less transparent and more difficult to understand. Adding patient advocacy services to your employee benefits package is the perfect solution for your overworked HR department. HR is tasked with a zillion responsibilities and does not have the extra time or expertise to help employees navigate their insurance and healthcare systems. The Patient Advocate Agency Patient Advocates are here to help make healthcare easier for employees and their organizations.

Here are some examples of what we do:
1. Explain benefits in clear lay terms
2. Locate doctors, specialists, hospitals, dentists, and pharmacies
3. Research treatment options and coordinate care for medical and mental health needs
4. Expedite second opinions
5. Establish single case agreements for non-covered services
6. Resolve medical bills & claims disputes
7. Empower employees to make informed decisions concerning their healthcare
8. Provide support for caregivers of elderly parents or young children with diverse
healthcare needs
9. Manage healthcare paperwork and correspondence
10. Help keep employees focused and productive at work

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